Original Ribz (Available on PlantX)
Original Ribz (Available on PlantX)
Original Ribz (Available on PlantX)
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Original Ribz (Available on PlantX)

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    Loaded with melt-in-your-mouth flavour, these naturally boneless Ribz are crafted with the finest organic jackfruit, herbs and spices for a meaty dish that even the staunchest of carnivores will enjoy.

    You might want to grab a bib - things could get messy.

    The Details

    Products in Package: 1 rack of ribz
    Total Weight: 200g

    Ingredients: Jackfruit, Wheat gluten, BBQ sauce (tomatoes, tomato paste, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, molasses, natural liquid smoke, mustard, lime juice, onion, sea salt, garlic powder, bell pepper, tamarind, onion powder, spices), Water, Tahini (sesame), Salt, Nutritional yeast, Natural liquid smoke, Apple cider vinegar, Natural flavour, Spices.

    CONTAINS: Wheat, Mustard, Sesame,

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