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    You'll want to bring home this bacon.

    Our Very Good Bacon is made with navy beans so you can enjoy a fry up, BLT, and all your other bacon favourites cruelty-free. Smoky and succulent, it's sure to be a hit with herbivores and omnivores alike.

    The Details

    Products in Package: 7 strips of bacon
    Total Weight: 250g
    Ingredients: Water, Organic Wheat Gluten, Organic Navy Beans, Chickpeas, Liquid Smoke, Spices, Soy Sauce, Organic Sunflower Oil, Maple Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Salt, Black Pepper.

    CONTAINS: Gluten, Soy, Wheat

    Shipping & Storage

    The bacon strips will last unopened for up to 4 weeks in the fridge unopened and even longer in the freezer.

    As soon as you order, our Bean Butchers prepare your Very Good meats and send them to the deep freezer before packaging in an insulated box with ice packs and/or dry ice.

    For any other questions, visit our FAQ.