The Very Good Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving meals can be one of the more stressful - and frustrating - get togethers when eating a vegan diet. Between repeatedly answering the “is it vegan if it has eggs?” question and lame meat jokes from family members, it can sometimes feel like the only thing to give thanks for is dinner rolls. Plus, you’re often stuck sitting down to a plate of cranberry sauce and carrots while the non-vegans indulge in a gravy-smothered feast. Bringing your own meal is a great option, but it feels nice to be fully included with a plate of well-rounded, delicious food everyone can share together.

Enter: the Very Good Thanksgiving menu! We’ve rounded up some of our vegan Thanksgiving favourites to take the guesswork (and utter panic) out of cooking and eating a lovely meal. From the smoky brussel sprouts to the juicy Stuffed Beast, it’s a menu you’ll want to make for any occasion - or just a Tuesday night. 

With our best-selling Holiday Meat Box, you can make this vegan feast faster than a chia egg (not really, but it definitely makes things easier). Our Very Good dinner uses all the plant-based goodies included in the box:

Whether you’re cooking a meal for an all-vegan crowd or looking to make things more inclusive, these delicious vegan dishes are sure to please everyone at the table.


Bangers in a Blanket

Bangers in a Blanket

Recipe and image/Well Vegan

A vegan spin on a classic. The veganized egg wash makes the pastry super crispy and the poppy seed topping adds that extra layer of crunch. Just make sure to leave room for dinner! 

Use our Very British Bangers as the cozy little piggy for a tender, flavourful appy.

Vegan Charcuterie Platter

Vegan Charcuterie Board

Recipe and image/Emilie Eats

Loaded high with crisp veggies, our pepperoni, and delectable dips, this charcuterie platter will blow your guests away. It’s great for larger parties or if you’re serving extra hungry guests.

Try adding our favourite plant-based cheeses from Blue Heron and Cultured Nut!


Stuffed and Baby Beasts

The perfect centerpieces for a holiday feast - vegans rejoice! Our best-selling turkey alternative, The Stuffed Beast, features fluffy, sweet potato cranberry stuffing wrapped in a succulent meatless roast. The Baby Beast, our maple-mustard glazed roast, is a cute, juicy and flavourful addition delicious enough to keep those annoying uncles’ mouths too full to joke. Together, they can comfortably feed 6 to 8 people.

Cook both beasts in the oven as you would a turkey and use the drippings to make an herby vegan gravy! Imagine a leftover Stuffed Beast, gravy and cranberry sandwich….

Bacon Brussel Sprouts

Recipe and image/The Spruce Eats

What would Thanksgiving be without smoky, crispy brussel sprouts?! Use our Very Good Bacon from the Holiday Meat Box for a version everyone can enjoy that’s full of flavour and doesn’t leave a sad portion of lifeless sprouts behind for plant-based eaters.

Scalloped Potatoes

Recipe and image/The Minimalist Baker

Take your taters to the next level with these vegan scalloped potatoes. Cheesy, creamy and dreamy, this side dish is easier than it looks and sure to warrant an appreciative thumbs up from herbivores and omnivores alike.

Holiday Crunch Salad

Recipe and image/Feasting at Home

Now this is a salad that will happily be added to plates. No more limp, boring salad greens getting bumped for an extra helping of potatoes. With quinoa, almonds, pomegranate and avocado, The Holiday Crunch salad adds a needed splash of citrusy, crunchy freshness to the meal. 

You could even skip the Bangers in a Blanket appetizer and mix our apple sage sausages into this dish!

Apple Cranberry Sauce

Recipe and image/Vegan Huggs

Last, and definitely not least, one of the most essential parts of a Thanksgiving feast; the cranberry sauce. Sure, you could dump a can of pre-made, gelatinized sauce into a serving dish and call it a day but once you taste this zingy, sweet from-scratch version, there’s no going back. 


Caramel Pumpkin Pie

Recipe and image/A Virtual Vegan

Yep, that’s right, we said CARAMEL pumpkin pie. This is a PSL lovers’ dream come true. Velvety smooth and just the right amount of sugar and spice, it’s the perfect way to end a vegan Thanksgiving feast. 

We’re already drooling just thinking about this Very Good feast. Almost all the leftovers refrigerate well and make for a meal that keeps on giving through the week.

All that’s left to do is order your Holiday Meat Box (if you weren't an early bird), make a shopping list and get cooking!

Be sure to show us your Very Good Thanksgiving dinner using the hashtags #TheVeryGoodButchers and #VeryGoodThanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

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