How We Got Started

How we got started

We began selling our products at the local Denman Island farmers market in the Spring of 2016 and were selling out within hours. We struggled to meet the growing demand and started to think of ways to expand and bring our products to a wider audience. This fall we’ve teamed up with a new business partner, Mitchell, and have big plans to further grow our company.

Why we’re doing it

Over the last few years, we’ve become more and more aware of how our choices impact the local and global community and what sort of world we’d like to see for the next generation.

We found no local products available on Vancouver Island and the products we were finding in stores weren’t meeting our needs. There was nothing out there that was organic, and we consider organic to be very important for our health as well as the environment.

Our goal is to make good quality meat alternatives that are as accessible as possible to everyone whether you are looking to reduce meat consumption for environmental concerns, are already a vegan or vegetarian or are just looking for a tasty healthier alternative.


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