Hello 2019!

Hello all, and welcome to a new year of exciting things for you, me, and everyone involved in The Very Good Butchers!

Photo provided by Brodie Frehlich.

The ocean has settled out here in Victoria, but that has not stopped the buzz around us and our successful year in 2018. 

Can you believe we only launched our Monthly Meat Club in March? It was a hectic time, with over 1,000 boxes coming through within the first few months. 

Following a busy summer of events (hello VegFest, we're looking at you!), celebrating our first anniversary, and having a fall full of stuffed beasts (over 1,000!) and great internal growth, we are excited to see what 2019 brings for us.

As many of you know, we had the pleasure to be on CBC's Dragons Den this fall. If you haven't watched the episode yet.

While the deal fell through in the end, we couldn't be more blessed to have had the exposure Dragon's Den has brought to us. We have made new connections around the globe, and have met so many more of you, our loyal customers!

Our next step was our FrontFundr campaign. If you haven't heard the official numbers yet, we successfully raised $585,000 dollars. We'd like to give a very special thanks to everyone who supported us and put in an investment. We are working on the gift packages and they are being sent out soon!

2019 is a year of growth and expansion for us, starting off with our new production facility, located right here in Victoria. It's in it's early stages right now, but we should have production transferred fully within the next few weeks. This means shorter shipping times, and a freshly stocked deli every day. 

Many of you are anxiously awaiting our arrival in Vancouver, and while I can't unseal my lips yet, I have to say keep your eyes open! We are actively looking at locations downtown and are hoping to open up shop by the summer. If you or anyone you seems like they'd be a great fit for our Vancouver team, feel free to shoot us a resume at hello@verygoodbutchers.com 

We are also gearing up for bigger, better, and even more events in 2019. If there is any events you are hoping to see us at, please reach out and we may come to you!

We are also hoping to expand our wholesale list as well. Thanks to our new awesome salesman Danny, hopefully you'll see VGB in a grocery store near you in 2019!

We have so much in store for this year, and we cannot wait to bring you all along with us. Thank you for you never ending support, and here's to the new year! 



Sarah Mayer.

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