April's BOTM: Love a Lamb Burger!

Show your love for the lambs, the animals and the planet with our April Burger of the Month, the spring-inspired Love a Lamb burger. This delightful beast features out classic Very Good Burger Patty with a twist: seasoned with Kalamata olives, fresh chives, dill, thyme and mint all wrapped in a grainy Dijon Panko rub for that savoury centre and crispy exterior. If that doesn't make your mouth water, we went ahead and threw on some house made vegan Tzatziki, crumbled tofu feta, fresh arugula, red onions and tomatoes.

We're all about good food and good karma here at the Very Good Butchers and want to encourage you to choose compassion over cruelty for our woolly pals, that’s why for every Love a Lamb burger sold the Very Good Butchers will donate $1 to RASTA and a Home for Hooves farm sanctuaries, and what better way to honour these beautiful creatures then a few fun facts about Sheep?!

Sheep are flock animals and strongly gregarious, meaning they are sociable and fond of company, so much so that sheep can become stressed when separated from their flock members.

Sheep are very intelligent. A University of Illinois monograph on sheep reported their intelligence to be just below that of pigs, who outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are smarter than any domestic animal (in fact animal experts consider pigs more trainable than cats or dogs!)

Sheep can recognize individual human and ovine faces and remember them for years, in addition to long-term facial recognition of individuals. Sheep can also differentiate emotional states through facial characteristics, that means our woolly friends can tell if you're looking sad or full of joy! If worked with patiently, sheep can even learn their own names!

Sheep not only have rectangular pupils, but nearly 360° vision that gives them amazing peripheral viewing capacity. It’s estimated their field of vision is between 270 and 320 degrees (us humans only average about 155 degrees).

There's no shortage of pride in these fleece parades. While there are instances of homosexuality in nearly all animal species, sheep are the only animals besides humans that show a same sex preference for life! In flocks of domestic sheep, up to eight per cent of the males prefer other males even when fertile females are around. In many other animal species males will pair up with males and females with females under certain circumstances, but with sheep it’s for life.

Meet Chester and Elliot! These two baaaaad brothers were rescued from slaughter and now get to live out the rest of their lives in peace at their forever home with RASTA farm sanctuary, follow the links below to read their heart warming stories.





Want to do more to help the animals? RASTA and A Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary are always in need of volunteer aid and donations. Follow the links below to find out more:

Donate to a Home for Hooves:
Article written by Lexi Vigilante.

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